Club Conduct
  1. Club Decals are Required
    Members must display the club NoVAJDM.COM decal, as well as the NoVAJDM Instagram decal in a visible location on their vehicle. Club decals are provided to all individuals when they register to become a member. Additional or Replacement vinyl decals can be purchased in our Club Storefront.
  2. Club Dues
    All members must stay up to date on club dues to retain member discounts & privileges. Dues must be paid by October 1st, 2021.
  3. Club Social Media
    Members must like/subscribe to all NoVAJDM social media platforms, more information can be found on our Social Media information page.
  4. Be Kind and Courteous
    We’re all here for the same purpose – to share our passion for JDM cars. Treat everyone with respect. Debate is healthy and natural, but kindness is required. This applies to all NoVAJDM events and social media.
  5. No Hate Speech or Bullying
    As Members of NoVAJDM, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure we have a save, inclusive environment for all individuals. Bullying of any kind is prohibited, and degrading comments about things such as cars, mods, design, build, or choice of parts will not be tolerated. Applicable to all club events and social media.
  6. Equal Opportunity
    NoVAJDM is a safe, equal opportunity inclusive and diverse social club. We do not tolerate discrimination towards other people’s cars, nationality, ethnicity/race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
  7. Mandatory Events
    Throughout the year NoVAJDM will hold scheduled events. Members must attend at least three (3) events before club discounts are awarded. Members must display the club decals and sponsor logos and be in club attire. Failure to meet this standard may be grounds for dismissal from the club.
    Summer Attire: Club T-Shirt, Hat or Tank Top
    Spring & Fall: Club Hoodie, Club T-Shirt or a Hat
  8. Drive Respectfully
    Members must honor and follow our high standards of behavior on your way to, during, and when leaving club events, obeying local, state, and federal laws.
COVID-19 Related Rules

Our official club events will comply with ALL Federal and State regulations, mandates, and guidelines surrounding COVID-19. We will wear masks at ALL NoVAJDM events, and the masks must work properly – which means over the mouth and over the nose. While you are in your vehicle alone or with someone who lives in your household, you are not required to wear a mask as long as you comply with Federal and State COVID guidelines.

Waiver Policy

In order to participate in official NoVAJDM Car Club events, each person will be REQUIRED to sign a digital waiver for EACH EVENT in order to be permitted to participate in the event. The waiver is the standard agreement that many members have signed in the past. The waivers can easily be signed on your mobile phone or computer, and take about a minute to complete.