Club Talking Points


Every member of NoVAJDM is passionate about cars and with that comes a certain comradery. Your surrounded by people who truly “get it”, we share information and there’s the potential to learn a lot from each other.


NoVAJDM is like a second family, a community of likeminded individuals. If you need help, someone in the club will be there. We host DIY days every couple of months and are very active in the local car scene.


NoVAJDM is a great way to network with individuals who spread the entire professional spectrum. We help our members find jobs, learn new skills and find ways to DIY or save money on modifications.

Charitable Events

NoVAJDM participates in a number of charitable events such as Toys for Tots, the National Guard Food Drive as well as others. We try to attend a minimum of 5 charitable events per year and hope to hold our own events in 2023.


NoVAJDM sets up a number to trips every year from a Skyline Drive cruise, monthly popup meets at different locations and travelling to events such as Boxerfest for the past two years.