Inaugural Membership offers three distinct levels of membership. The Inaugural Membership level will only be offered in 2021, and is intended for individuals who want to help seed the club and are interested in taking on a more active role. These members are our vital to our growth and are considered Founding Members.
The dues for the Inaugural membership will be $250.00 for the first year, and follow-up years will be billed at the standard membership rate of $50.00 per year.

Benefits Include:

  • Access to our Members Portal
  • Access Private Forums & Classifieds
  • 15% Discount on Club Merch
  • Free Admission to Club Sponsored Events
  • Voting Rights on all official club matters

For individuals who wish to join, but do not wish to pay dues, or do not have the financial means to do so are able to earn an ambassador membership. More details can be found here.